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Descendants and heirs

Descendants and heirs

Nikolai Vladimirovich Kukel-Krayevsky is a direct descendant of two eminent noble families

Patriarch of the Russian branch of the descendants of Nevelskoy, 91-year-old grandson of Admiral Nikolai Vladimirovich Kukel-Kraevsky, was a famous man in Omsk: WWII veteran, holder of combat and labor orders. He was proud of his ancestors: diplomats and military leaders, twenty generals and admirals among them including Gennady Nevelskoy who with a handful of daredevils in a short time and under the conditions of extremely scarce funding explored and consolidated Russia’s vast, richest and strategically important lands.

Galina Yakunina

12 july 2017 year

Descendants and heirsDescendants and heirsDescendants and heirs