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Admission Process

Step 1. Submit International Student Application for Admission Form and send it to the Institute for International Education by fax, e-mail or by mail.
Please ensure that both pages of the Application form are completed. For visa approval, please kindly provide the following information:

  • place of issuance of visa (city and country);

  • fax and e-mail copy of first page of passport (bio data page);

  • place of birth (city and country);

  • state and city of residence;

  • employment place (full name of organization or company);

  • full address of employment place;

  • position (affiliation);

  • date of arrival and departure in and from the Russian Federation;

  • period of stay (number of days) in the Russian Federation;

  • type of visa (single/multiple entry).

Step 2. Application review by the Institute for International Education. As soon as MSU receives the fully completed Application form, it will send a Contract to be signed by e-mail, fax, or mail. A fee invoice will also be sent to admitted student: tuition, accommodation and non-refundable registration fee. The non-refundable registration fee should be paid first of all. Tuition and accommodation fees can be paid according to the terms of the Contract sent to the admitted student.

Step 3. Upon receipt of the signed Contract and non-refundable registration fee, MSU will issue a Letter of Invitation for students to obtain Russian visa.

Step 4. Receive Letter of Invitation and apply for Studentís Visa to Russian Embassy or Consulate General. Visa issuance usually takes one month.

Step 5. Bring the following set of documents with you:

  • Six passport-size photos;

  • Copy of students high school or university transcripts;

  • Certificate or Letter of good health recently issued by a US medical practitioner or institution;

  • Results of recently administered AIV/AIDS blood test.

Step 6. Upon receipt of the visa, inform the Institute for International Education of the studentís date of arrival so that transport from Vladivostok airport, train, bus or marine passenger terminals can be provided. Special arrangements for large groups are available upon request.

Step 7. Immediately upon arrival, visit the Administrative office of the Institute for International Education to confirm study plans and to satisfy all outstanding administrative requirements (i.e. sign the Contract with the university administration and pay for tuition and accommodations).

Step 8. Take the placement language test and begin classes in compliance with the timetable.