Theory and Vessel Construction Department (TVCD)was established in 1944. The first Department Head was the Doctor of Engineering A.N.Bazilevskiy. The Doctor of Engineering Magula Valentin E. became the Head of TCVD in 1956. Since 1971 upto 2006 the Department has been headed by the Honoured academic of the Russian Transport Academy, Doctor of Technical Science, Professor Druzd’B.I. Since 2006 the Department Head is the academic of the Russian Transport Academy, Doctor of Technical Science, Professor Azovtzev A.I.

The Department personnel has had puplished 19 monographs including "Theory and Vessel Construction" textbook and systematic textbook "Exercises on Theory ,Vessel Construction and Engine" publshed by "Ship Building" editorial which is inique and single in Russian Federation got through two editions.

The real glory for TVCD was expressed by the scientific researches on using soft and flexible constructions on sea transport (new construction material) commenced in 1959 for development technical and economy favourable ship's constructions and devices. The new Sientific school has been created for development of the scientific problem "Using soft and flexible constructions of various purposes in national economy".

In scientific reseraches TVCD developing to be mentioned the series of ships with air-supported trucks, various dock shelters providing working area security in poor weather conditions, pneumatic constructions for increasing foatation and stability of the damaged vessels and ship's lifting, survival aids for lifting sinking people from high seas, projection and construction of the transport bathes of flexible hull for carriage of the large sea animals on airplanes and helicopters, enclosures for temporary keeping in far-off and incultivated areas, development of the flexible hull objects complex designed for settlement and work of the people on Moon.

The lectures, scientific workers, postgraduates, lab technicians, cadets of MSU are working in problem development "Using soft and flexible constructions of various purposes in sea transport" . There was 8 Doctor's of Science and 33 Doctor's of Engineering PhD thesises passed a viva in problem above.

The Theory and Vessel Construction Department is proud for her graduates as Ogay S.A. - rector of the Maritime State University named after admiral G.I.Nevelskoi, Gamanov V.F. - director of the "Maritime Academy" Institute, Alekseev V.I. - vice-principal of MSU in tutorial, Khovanets V.A. - vice-principal of MSU in information technology, Azovtsev A.I. - Head of Theory and Vessel Construction Department, Moskalenko A.D. - Head of Outlining Geometry and Graphics, Druz' I.B. - Head of Theoretical Mechanics and Material Resistance, professor Drus' B.I., professor Subbotin V.A., professor Moskalenko M.A.,professor Nepeivoda V.G. and many others.

TheSientific school on soft and flexible constructions in Maritime State University named after admiral G.I.Nevelskoi is not limited just in Far Eastern Region. The scientific and business contacts on various problems of desining, manufacture and introduction of the flexible constructions are permanetly supported with large number European, Central Asian, Siberian companies of Russia and CIS. The various forms of contacts are suppoted with these organisations.