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"Mikhail Somov" accomplished replenishment activities in the Arctic
November 18, 2014

The polar research ship "Mikhail Somov" returned to her homeport in Arkhangelsk after successfully accomplishing the last Arctic replenishment operation in this season.

During the last voyage "Mikhail Somov" delivered the personnel and cargo to 25 Russian polar research and monitoring sites located on the Arctic coast and the islands of White Sea, Barentz Sea, Kara Sea, Laptev Sea and East Siberian Sea. The voyage lasted more than two months. The Ushakovski settlement on Wrangel Island has become its most Eastern point.

Besides, the ship transferred engineers and workers to finish the construction of modular service buildings at Amderma and Dikson joint hydro-meteorological facilities. The buildings at Sterligov meteorological facility have been repaired, the automatic meteorological station at Khodovarikha assembled and activated, necessary maintenance and repair procedures at several automatic meteorological stations have also been performed during the ship's latest voyage.

The participants of High Latitude Arctic expedition from the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute worked onboard "Mikhail Somov". The researchers conducted ecological and microbiological monitoring in the vicinity of hydro-meteorological facilities on the Arctic coast.

Icebreaker "50 Let Pobedy" has finished Arctic Operational Season-2014

November 18, 2014

The final cruise of this season for nuclear powered icebreaker "50 Let Pobedy" ("Victory") started November, 7 in the East Siberian Sea. The convoy of three ships, e.g. bulkers "Oshima" and "Ivan Ryabov" plus tanker "Warzuga" escorted by icebreaker, headed West. Two more vessels, tanker "Indiga" and bulker "Yuri Tarapurov" joined them in Laptev Sea. The ships movement was smooth and without even minor incidents. On November 16 the ships reached the Desire Cape which is the most northern point of Novaya Zemlya Archipelago.

"The convoy had to pass through an ice compression area after exiting the Vilkitsky Strait, and limited residual ice blotches were spotted to the East from the New Siberian Islands. Besides, the waterways of the Northern Sea Route were clean with no navigational hazards", commented Andrey Smirnov, Deputy Director General (Operations), "ROSATOMFLOT".

Icebreaker "Krasin" accomplished NSR Season - 2014 activities

November 20, 2014

The icebreaker "Krasin" finished her NSR Season - 2014 support activities on November 13th. The ship belonging to FESCO Shipping Company operated in Arctic under the contract with FAMRT, Federal Agency of River and Maritime Transport of Russia.

According to FESCO press release, "Krasin" was performing support activities along the NSR waterways from July, 27 till November, 13. The icebreaker escorted 37 ships delivering 126494, 4 tons of cargo to the ports of Arctic coast and exporting 100963, 9 tons of various commodities from there during the Navigation - 2014.

"Krasin" together with another FESCO icebreaker "Admiral Makarov" will be charted by "EXXON Neftegaz Ltd." effecting November 26, 2014.

FESCO icebreakers will also take part in annual program of escorting large oil tankers heading to / from De - Kastri seaport in Tartar Strait in winter 2014 / 2015.


November, 2014

"Mashinostroitelny Zavod" ("Machine Building Factory") Joint Stock Company has manufactured the first nuclear fuel rods for the new generation nuclear powered icebreaker LK-60 "Arctic" (Project 22220). This information was provided by RIA "Novosti" citing "TVEL" Fuel Company.

The new icebreaker which is currently under construction at the "Baltic Shipyard" in St. Petersburg will get the new type of nuclear power plant codenamed "RITM-200". The ship will be the largest and the most powerful icebreaker in the world. Her construction was ordered by "ROSATOM" Agency; keel laying ceremony took place November 5, 2013.

According to the contract, the construction of this giant ship must be finished in December, 2017. "OKBM Afrikantov" factory under "ROSATOM" performed the design and development of nuclear fuel rods and rods assemblies for this project.

The draft order for the port of Vladivostok

November 11, 2014

The Ministry of transport of Russian Federation published the draft order of the Russian Government about the expansion of the port of Vladivostok, which is to include land plots in Sukhodol Bay, Primorsky Region, intended for construction of a coal terminal with a capacity of 20 million tons.

The document had been submitted within fixed period of six months according to instructions from the Head of the Russian Government to prepare a project of changing the boundaries of the port of Vladivostok.

It will be recalled that the agreement "On mutual cooperation in the realization of the project of construction of new, specialized public port on Far Eastern coast of the Russian Federation to facilitate access to the port infrastructure, small and medium-sized coal enterprises" was signed between Primorsky Region Administration and "Siberian Business Union" holding company, representing the interests of coal companies in the Kemerovo Region.

"Summa" will get CMHI involved in the construction of port Zarubino

November 11, 2014

According to the owner of business group "Summa" Z. Magomedov, his structure signed a Memorandum of understanding (MOU) with "China Merchants Holding International" (CMHI) about joint construction of "Big port Zarubino" in Primorsky Region.

CMHI was founded in 1992 in Honkong and is the largest asset of China state company "China Merchants Group " (55% of shares) and "Goldman Sachs" (45% of shares). CMHI is present in seven of the ten largest container ports in China.

Z. Magomedov said that CMHI will become minority shareholder in the project, but it is not clear yet about the structure of the deal and the size of shares, redeemed by CMHI. As expected, legal form of transaction will be determined during 3 months and must be approved in Russian Government. In addition, CMHI will insure the cargo base for Zarubino and make co-investments. The amount of these investments up to this day also has not been declared.

According to Z.Magomedov, the project works are scheduled to commence in February 2015, The total cost of the project, including transport infrastructure and "dry port" in nearby Hunchun, is estimated in 3 - 3, 5 billion dollars, the funds from "Summa" are 1-2 billion dollars.

Port Zarubino with a total cargo capacity of 100 million tons a year, will combine the grain terminal at 40 million tons, container terminal at 2 million TEU, ro-ro cargo terminal at 1.5 million units a year, the terminal for transshipment of general cargo (more than 25 million tons) and a number of other objects.

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