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Yuri Trutnev: Russia is interested in broadening economic cooperation with South Korea

December 9, 2014 05:05

Seoul, December 9. /TASS/. Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Trutnev while speaking at Russian-South Korean economic forum in Seoul on December 9, stressed that the development of Far-Eastern areas was a priority for the Russian government. In this regard, Moscow attaches great importance to developing bilateral and trilateral economic ties with ROK and DPRK.

Yuri Trutnev said that fuel and energy sector, shipbuilding, buildup of infrastructure, timber processing and production of natural resources as well as high technologies were promising areas of cooperation between Russia and Republic of Korea.

Trutnev pointed out a 13% growth of Russian-South Korean trade in the period of January through to September last year versus the period a year ago, while Russian exports to South Korea went up 29%. However it is not the limit, the cooperation can develop faster. It becomes especially important for Russia, which needs to find efficient measures to diversify its raw-oriented economy.

Orders on Vladivostok free port status and Northern Sea Route

SeaNews / Yuliya Shishova
December 9, 2014, 10:58

President Vladimir Putin approved a list of instructions to Russian government on implementing the Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly of December 4, 2014. Amendments will be made in the Russian Federation legislation until July 15, 2015, providing free port status for the city of Vladivostok. Moreover, comprehensive development plan for the Northern Sea Route has to be drafted and approved by June 1, 2015.

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev tasked the members of government to report on the results of the President's instructions and submit draft report on Vladivostok by February 19, 2015 (responsible agencies are Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East (Minvostokrazvitiya), Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Economic Development, Defense Ministry, Federal Customs Service and Federal Security Service). Report on Northern Sea Route has to be provided by April 23, 2015 (responsible agencies are Ministry of Transport, Minvostokrazvitiya, Ministry of Economic Development, Defense Ministry).

Amur shipyard will build 4 combat patrol ships for Russian Pacific fleet

International information agency "Russia today"
December 9, 2014

According to the commander of the Russian Navy Admiral Viktor Chirkov, there are plans to construct several combat patrol ships of the "project 20380" for Russian Pacific fleet at JSC "Amur shipbuilding plant" in Komsomolsk-on-Amur.

The main advantages of the ships of this class are versatility, compactness, low visibility, high level of automation and control systems integration. The lead ship of the "project 20380" is combat patrol ship "Stereguschiy", placed in operation in 2007.

Combat patrol ships of the "project 20380" have a displacement of 2 thousand tons, length - more than 100 m, the maximum speed is up to 27 knots, range of autonomous navigation - 4 thousand miles.

Currently, the plant has an order for the construction of four combat patrol ships and performs a refurbish of diesel submarines.

In addition, the Government of Khabarovsk territory has planned construction at OJSC "Khabarovsk shipbuilding plant" of series of air cushion landing crafts "Moray" and "Zubr", series of rescue tugs of the "project 22030", series of azimuth tugs of the "project 2310" (which are now purchased by Russian Navy for Pacific fleet at a shipyard "Pella" in Leningrad region) and small tankers, based on the "project 03180".

Magadan authorities have invited South Korean investors for development of shelf and coal deposits

Information agency "Regnum"
December 10, 2014

The Governor of Magadan region Vladimir Pecheniy has made a report at Russian-Korean joint forum in Seoul. Introducing his region he noted that it is one of the top ten regions in Russia in reserves and potential resources of gold and minerals.

Moreover, in recent years we have seen a steady rise of production in the mining industry of Magadan region, since 2008 till 2014 gold production increased from 14, 6 tons up to 24 tons.

In addition, according to Governor's report, one of the most promising directions for regional development is implementation of oil and gas exploration projects in Magadan offshore zone.

The most appealing project for investors includes the creation of "coal cluster" based on Omsukchan coal deposit in Magadan region. The initiator of this project is "Eastern mining company", which has already implemented similar project in Sakhalin.

The Governor added that analysis works completed up to this moment confirmed the highest quality of Magadan anthracite coal.

At present there are plans to establish export-oriented Territory of accelerated socio-economic development on the basis of resource potential of stone coal and anthracite coal deposits of Magadan region.

On the basis of the resource potential of stone coal and anthracite coal deposits of Magadan region to establish export-oriented Territory faster socio-economic development, including colliery, highway and coal terminal on the shore of the Sea of Okhotsk.

Coal terminal and road with total length of approximately 130 km will be built for export of coals. Now the works on the design of transport infrastructure had been begun. The overall cost of the project will exceed 400 million dollars.

In an effort to accelerate the implementation of the project "Eastern mining company" is considering the possibility of attracting foreign partners from among interested Korean coal and steel companies and coal consumers.

Dredging Works in the Far Eastern Ports Will Be Expanded

Sea News/ Julia Shishova
December 11, 2014

"Rosmorport" announced plans to conduct dredging for the construction of new ports in the Far East. Muchka Bay coal terminal and Sukhodol Project have been selected as principal sites for wide scale dredging. Work in Muchka Bay will start in 2015, at Sukhodol Project - in August 2015.

The works in Muchka Bay will be carried out in two stages. At the first stage dredging will be conducted in the waters adjacent to the Pier #1 up to the design bottom level of 19.3 m, the volume of extracted ground - 909 000 m3. At the second stage the works will be proceeded near the Pier #2 to the design level of 21 m, the volume of dredging - 607 000 m3. Dredging will be performed by two specialized vessels sequentially and without breaks between stages.

Arctic Tankers Get Helicopter Operating Capability

"Arctic - Info"
December 2014

"Mikhail Ulyanov" and "Kirill Lavrov" are the two shuttle tankers servicing the "Prirazlomnoye" oil field in Pechora Sea, which is the only one acting oil producing facility in Russian Arctic. Oil extraction has started here in December, 2013. Both tankers have recently acquired full helicopter operating capability.

The air park of "Prirazlomnoye" project consists of four Mi-8 AMT helicopters. They are intended for transporting passengers and cargo, including bulky cargo on external sling, search and rescue, MEDEVAC and other missions.

The helicopter can seat up to 20 passengers, is capable of carrying loads of up to 4 tons inside the cabin and cargo weighing up to 3 tons externally. Maximum cargo load in combined (passenger / cargo) variant is 2000 kg.

The tankers' helipad dimensions are 25 m x 25 m, or 625 m2. Maximum landing weight for helicopters is 12 tons.

Shuttle tankers "Mikhail Ulyanov" and "Kirill Lavrov" are ice-class vessels (Arc6) of double-hull design. The ships are capable of moving astern in the ice, which provides additional maneuverability in difficult weather conditions.

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