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Extreme drivers will conquer Cape Chelyuskin

January 15, 2015

Arctic automobile expedition «Taimyr Ring» is scheduled for February-March 2015.

The expedition crew will drive along the route Novy Urengoy – Igarka – Norilsk – Dudinka – Dikson – Cape Chelyuskin to reach the northernmost point of mainland Eurasia.

Total mileage will make up 10 thousand km. The aims of expedition are monitoring of the abandoned settlements located on the western coast of the Taimyr Peninsula and visiting memorials dedicated to polar explorers B.Vilkitsky and V.Rusanov.

Automobile Expedition is organized by the «Arctic» Expeditionary Center and supported by the Russian Geographical Society and «Gazprom-dobycha Urengoy».

RZD launched international mail delivery service from China to Russia

«RZD Logistics»
January 19, 2015

RZD Logistics (subsidiary company of United Transport and Logistics Company, or UTLC JSC, joint venture of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan railways) announced launching international mail delivery service from China to Russia by railway. The first container with mail from China arrived in Moscow from Harbin on January 15, 2015. At Kuntsevo-2 station, the container was transshipped to road transport before proceeding to the international postal exchange point.

As explained by the «RZD Logistics» press-secretary, railway can attract additionally over 50 thousand tons of international mail delivery per year. Enhancing cooperation in this sphere will contribute to the development of railway infrastructure and increasing capacity and freight volume, as provided by the Cooperation Agreement between Russian RZD and Chinese Railways, signed in May 2014.

2014: A Successful Year for Russian Seaport Industry

January 16, 2015

The freight turnover of Russian seaports in 2014 reached 618.8 million tons and for the first time exceeded the milestone of 600 million tons, according to Federal Agency of Maritime and River Transport of the Russian Federation (Rosmorrechflot). It is 22.5 million tons higher than in 2013.

Concerning the developments in seaport capacity building, the Agency reports that particular attention of federal and regional authorities has been paid to activities on port infrastructure modernization in Murmansk, St. Petersburg, Ust-Luga (Leningrad region), Kaliningrad, Taman, Novorossiysk, Vostochny (Primorsky Krai), Petropavlovsk-on-Kamchatka.

The construction of cargo reloading terminal Sabetta port (Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District) was another priority project. The building of Sabetta port complex has started in 2012 in the framework of the «Yamal LNG» project. Planned freight turnover of Sabetta seaport should reach 17 million tons per year after completion of the new terminal; it should increase to 30 million tons by 2020 and, eventually reach up to 70 million tons per year by 2030–2035.

A new container line will connect Murmansk with Petropavlovsk-on-Kamchatka

«», Internet portal,
January 18, 2015

Head of the Federal Agency of Maritime and River Transport (Rosmorrechflot) Alexander Davydenko made a working visit to Murmansk on January 16, 2015 where he participated in a meeting with the governor of the Murmansk region Marina Kovtun.

At a meeting with the participation of federal and regional officials the details of implementation of the «Comprehensive Development of the Murmansk Transport Hub» (freight problems, logistics, construction of terminals), and «Arctic harbor» (passenger shipping, tourism), as well as the organization of container line connecting Murmansk with Petropavlovsk – on – Kamchatka were discussed.

Then the officials took part in the ceremony of commissioning the pier for ocean cruise ships in the passenger area of Murmansk seaport. The major reconstruction of marine passenger terminal in Murmansk is going to be the next step in the development of seaport tourist infrastructure.

Modernization of Baikal-Amur and Trans-Siberian railways will be financed from the Federal Target Program (FTP) of investments into transport system

January 20, 2015

The Head of Russian Ministry of Far Eastern regional development (Minvostokrazvitiya) Alexander Galushka has given a press-conference in TASS and pointed to following items:

The cost of upgrading of Baikal-Amur and Trans-Siberian railways will be fully financed from the funds of the Federal Target Program of investments into transport system. This decision was made by the President of the Russian Federation according to proposal of the Ministry of Far Eastern regional development (Minvostokrazvitiya).

Baikal-Amur and Trans-Siberian railways are important, necessary and useful development projects of national railway infrastructure, covering more than a half of Russian territory.

Prior to that Minvostokrazvitiya had proposed to Russian Government to spend money on Baikal-Amur and Trans-Siberian railways through the Federal Program of Fear Eastern regional development, and for this purpose, to seek the amount of missing funds in the Federal Target Program of investments into transport system.

JSC «Russian railways» and Russian Ministry of Transport opposed this proposal and pointed out that local projects in the Far East will not be able to develop without modernization of railway lines because of the lack of opportunities for transportation of goods produced in the region. After that the scheme of funds’ distribution and flow has been modified.

Federal Antimonopoly Service allowed «Aeroinvest» to buy Vladivostok airport

January 20, 2015

Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) of Russia desided to grant two requests of «Aeroinvest» company (airport holding, airports of Mineralniye Vody, Kalinigrad, Nalchik) about acquisition and purchase of Vladivostok airport assets.

«Aeroinvest» was allowed to acquire 52,16% of total assets of «Vladivostok international airport» and 74,99% of «Vladivostok terminal», owned now by «Sheremetyevo international airport».

From August 2014 «Sheremetyevo international airport» is seeking investors for the purchase of Vladivostok airport. By the end of the year four companies have been chosen as the most real contenders, including:

- «Aeroinvest»;
- «Airports of regions» (airport holding, airports of Ekaterinburg, Samara, Nizhny Novgorod);
- «Bazovy element» (group of Russian industrial companies), in cooperation with Changi Airport Group (Singapore) and Russian Fund of Direct Investments (organized by Russian Government);
- «Novaport» (airport holding, airports of Chita, Chelyabinsk, Tomsk, Barnaul, Volgograd).

«Sheremetyevo international airport» is planning to consider the results of selection process for applicants in February 2015.

The net loss of «Vladivostok international airport» by the end of 2013 has exceeded 194 million roubles, with sales revenue exceeding 1.083 billion roubles.

The net loss of «Vladivostok terminal» by the end of 2013 amounted to 325,4 million roubles with sales revenue nearly 549,2 million roubles.

By the end of 2014, Vladivostok airport handled 1,792 million passengers, or 3% less than in 2013.

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