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Sakhalin Nevelsk Will Get a Tsunami Protection Breakwater

Maritime News of Russia,
June 17, 2015

According to the Sakhalin Government press release, a new breakwater for tsunami protection utilizing Japanese technology will be built in the town of Nevelsk. A devastating earthquake occurred there in 2007 which was followed by small tsunami waves.

This unique Japanese technology was never used in the Russia before. "Shaped blocks with diagonal frame are the best means to stop the waves. These structures literally absorb the waves energy and dissipates it at sea. The manufacturing of such units takes 2-3 times less concrete than the classic breakwater design ", says the statement.

There are 150 places in Japan where such technology has already been used.

Concrete blocks for breakwater construction will be made at the factory belonging to Sakhalin company "Rosstroy" located in the village "Dalneye" near Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk city. The manufacturing process will be supervised by Japanese experts from "Isami Kensetsu" company.

In the future, the length of the breakwater will be extended to completely protect the Nevelsk waterfront from tsunami impact. This technology is planned to be used for the protection of other coastal settlements and industrial facilities in the region.

Japanese "Mitsui" is ready to participate in financing the third stage of "Sakhalin-2"LNG plant

The Russian economy
June 19, 2015

Japanese "Mitsui" is ready to participate in financing the third phase of the plant producing liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the framework of "Sakhalin-2" project. It was said by Hiroshi Meguro, the general director of "Mitsui Moscow" and Chief Regional Representative in CIS, in an interview with TASS during the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

He called the project a priority for implementation in Russia and said that the company currently does not see any problems with its implementation.

"With the funding problems are not" - he said. "We asked for and offered to build a third place for the past 10 years. It was not about the money, we have always been ready, "- said Hiroshi Meguro.

He also said: "After the incident at the nuclear power plant" Fukushima "I can say that if we had not participated in the project" Sakhalin-2 "Japan would have faced much greater difficulties."

The operator of the project "Sakhalin-2" is the company "Sakhalin Energy" ("Gazprom" - 50% plus one share, Shell - 27,5% minus one share, Mitsui & Co Ltd - 12,5%, Mitsubishi Corporation - 10%) .

In 2009, the project put into operation the first Russian LNG plant design capacity of 9.6 mln. Tons of LNG per year. In 2014, the plant produced 10.7 million. Tons of LNG. In 2016, participants of the project "Sakhalin-2" should complete the feasibility study to expand the capacity of the LNG plant.

Russian Flag Should Be Alone on the Shelf

June 19, 2015

Speaking at the session, "The Arctic - a new economic space" at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, Deputy Minister of Transport Viktor Olersky told about the provisions of the draft law "On Subsoil Use", which relate directly to transportation of oil and gas in the Arctic region. In particular, it is proposed to restrict the carriage of oil only for ships under the Russian flag, as well as to localize the construction of ships for such shipments in Russia.

"We insist that all cargo of oil transported from the Russian shelf is to be carried by vessels under the Russian flag. As for liquefied natural gas, regardless of where it is produced, on the shelf or ashore we believe it must be transported exclusively by the Russian flagged ships, too." Olersky stressed that a transitional period will be determined, and that this law does not apply to existing contracts.

"All the rest - auxiliary cargo transportation, service fleet - will certainly presume priority for the Russian flag. Today, the requirement to obtain a special permit for this kind of work extends to the territorial sea and inland waters. The bill requires implementing the same approach for the continental shelf in the exclusive economic zone. "

In addition, it is expected that the construction of all vessels used for the transport of oil and gas from the shelf should be localized - it applies to the vessels that will be built after 2020.

Speaking about the status of the document, Viktor Olersky explained that "It is a government bill, prepared by order of the president, it is being adjusted in the government now and soon will be passed to the State Duma. I hope that this year, this bill will be approved".

The cost of construction of a shipbuilding complex "Zvezda" is estimated to be 145.5 billion rubles

Maritime News of Russia
June 22, 2015

According to business-plan prepared by companies "Rosneft" and "United Shipbuilding Corporation" for consideration at the meeting of the State Commission for the Arctic, the total cost of construction of a shipbuilding complex "Zvezda" is estimated in 145.5 billion rubles.

The construction of shipbuilding complex "Zvezda" will be implemented at the expense of money from "National Welfare Fund" of 89 billion rubles, state support in the form of reimbursement of interest on loans for the construction of shipyards in the amount of 5.6 billion rubles, and also own and borrowed funds.

Shipbuilding complex is being created on the basis of shipyard "Zvezda", which is included in JSC "Far Eastern center of shipbuilding and ship repair" (a subsidiary of "United Shipbuilding Corporation"). It is assumed that the complex will become the main supplier of equipment for offshore mining of minerals in the Arctic zone. According to the materials, the shipbuilding complex "Zvezda" will provide the construction of large vessels, including tankers and gas carriers of enhanced ice class as well as drilling platforms of various types.

Initially, since 2010, "United Shipbuilding Corporation" implemented this project on its own and without budget financing - at the expense of short-term borrowings. Total expenses for customers of construction of shipbuilding complex ("Far Eastern center of shipbuilding and ship repair" and shipyard "Zvezda") by the end of 2014 exceeded 20.6 billion rubles. Since 2010 "United Shipbuilding Corporation" was unable to bring private investors to the project. Therefore, Russian government has decided in 2014 to connect "Rosneft" and "Gazprombank" to its implementation.

The "Central Asia logistics park" was launched in China

June 18, 2015

The "Central Asia logistics park" and the "Central Asian center of services in the field of air transport" was opened by political leaders of China and Central Asian countries within frameworks of cooperation forum "China-Central Asia".

The forum was held in East China city Rizhao and attended by about 400 representatives of the authorities and business circles from China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. The event was conducted by the Commission of "Shanghai Cooperation Organization" on good-neighborliness, friendship and cooperation together with the city of Rizhao. The forum's topic was "To create together the "economic belt" of the Silk Road and a new structure of transport and communication interconnectedness".

Rizhao is located in the province of Shandong and considered in China as primary point of trans-continental Silk Road, proposed by the president Xi Jinping. Besides, it is regarded as an optimal access to the sea for supplies through new Asia-Europe land line.

"The Central Asia logistics park" with an area of 120 thousand square meters will provide services in the field of duty-free warehousing, international logistics, import, export and transit transportation. It will be built by joint efforts of enterprises from five Central Asian countries and Chinese industrial association "Port of Rizhao".

The project of railway bridge from Sakhalin to the Continent needs to be modified - Trutnev

Maritime News of Russia
June 22, 2015

Vice-premier of Russian government and the Representative of Russian president in the Far Eastern federal region Yury Trutnev said in an interview with TASS that project of railway bridge from the Continent to Sakhalin demands large investments therefore needs to be modified within the parameters of cost recovery and economic efficiency.

At present time the project of railway crossing involves the construction of 543 km railway connecting the settlements of Selikhino in Khabarovsk region and Nysh in Sakhalin. 17 km of railway will be constructed through Nevelskoy Strait. According to estimates of "Russian railroads" industrial institute, the construction will require more than 400 billion rubles.

As it is known, the project of railway crossing "Sakhalin-Continent" is included in the Strategy of Russian railway transport development and Strategy of socio-economic development of the Far East and Baikal region in the period until 2025.

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