Museum of the History of the Admiral Nevelskoy Maritime State University

The museum was opened on April 22, 1970 on the centenary of VI Lenin.

Nikolai Kolotov was its founder and first director.

Today Marina Kameneva is the Museum director and the head of the MSU Center of patriotic education which is based at the Museum.

The Museum of the Maritime University occupies an area of 130 square m. The Museum exposition includes thousands of artifacts and consists of several sections:

  • History of maritime education from Alexander’s classes to MSU;

  • Participation of MSU graduates in the Great Patriotic War;

  • Anna I. Shchetinina is the first lady captain teachers of FEHEMC (her photos and personal belongings);

  • The pride of the University is its graduates (the exposition shows photos of the best pictures of the University graduates entering into its gold fund: twelve Heroes of Socialist Labor, three heroes of the Soviet Union and the senior management);

  • “Memory of the person is in its affairs” – a stand dedicated to the honored teachers of the University;

  • Training ships of the Maritime University;

  • Circumnavigation of Nadezhda 2003-2004;

  • Sporting achievements of the University, world records (yachting, ship modeling);

  • Historical and geographical voyages of the FEHEMC yachtsmen;

  • International relations of the University with maritime Universities of the APR countries;

  • Models of ships and vessels from different countries and eras;

  • Items from seamanship training;

  • Exotic gifts from the University graduates.

A separate exposition is devoted to Admiral Nevelskoy for whom the University was named in 1965.

Rare exhibits:

  • The model of the frigate Pallada. N.I. Kondyrev made it in 1969 according to the original drawings as a working model of the sailing ship.

  • Part of the mast of the frigate Pallada (it was raised from the bottom of the Postovaya Bay by divers and presented to the Museum).

  • The cannon from the packet boat St. Peter led by Vitus Bering (FEHEMC cadets dug it out during the expedition of the Institute of History and Archaeology, FEB RAS on the Commander Islands in 1981).

All guests of the Maritime University visit the Museum. Several hundred tours are conducted per year, including tours for schoolchildren of graduation classes in the framework of vocational guidance. The University connects with its veterans and alumni.

The freshmen come to the Museum for a tour during semester I. They are introduced to the history of maritime education in Primorye and Vladivostok. Here they learn the names of famous alumni whom the Maritime University is proud of: the first female captain AI Shchetinina, heroic polar explorers KS Badigin, AG Efremov, Heroes of Socialist Labor and the Soviet Union, famous captains, and modern maritime industry executives of high rank. Cadets are introduced to a whole galaxy of brilliant teachers who have contributed greatly to the development and establishment of the Maritime University and marine science in general.

They are told about the outstanding navigator and explorer for whom our university is named at the exposition dedicated to Nevelskoy. December 5th each year the University celebrates the birthday of Nevelskoy. On this day the best cadets and students are awarded at a festive meeting. Every year a competition for the best knowledge of the biography of Nevelskoy and the history of his discoveries is held. Links are established with the Museum of Local Lore named after him, in Soligalich, the home town of the seafarer.

As mentioned above, the Center of Patriotic Education is active at the Museum. In 2013, many of the activities of the Centre were confined to the 200th anniversary of Admiral Nevelskoy, including the Youth Interuniversity Scientific and Practical Conference "Marine Historical Readings", jubilee meetings of the Marine Geographical Club and Literary Messroom.

The main goal of the Museum and the Centre is the revival of youth’s interest to the history of Russian seafaring and formation of patriotism in future sailors.