Traditions of the Maritime University

Preservation and augmentation of maritime education traditions is one of the basic conditions for its progressive development. There are a lot of such traditions at the Maritime University.

The ceremony of initiation into the cadets is one of the most important and cherished ones. In the years of perestroika, when the school became an academy and then university, the festival of initiation into students was added to it.

The Day of Higher Maritime Professional Education has been marked for decades.

On December 5th the Maritime University marks the birthday of Admiral G.I. Nevelskoy after whom it was named in 1965. This year large-scale events are being prepared to mark the 200th anniversary of the famous navigator and explorer of the Far East.

In addition, in early December MSU has been holding annual Maritime Historical Readings for many years.

Every year MSU also marks a professional festival - the Day of Sea and River Transport Workers.

In spring, at the end of the academic year the Contest "Best Graduate of the Maritime University" is held and Rector S.A.Ogay’s meeting with honors students.

New traditions also appear at the Maritime University, they are bright and large-scale. Thus, since 2011 the Geographical Club has been active, and since May 2012 Maritime Balls have left their mark in the MSU history.

In the fall of 2012 another project - Literary Messroom was launched.

Moreover, the Center of Patriotic Education constantly organizes exhibitions of photos, paintings and children’s drawings.

New interesting projects are ahead!