The training and production vessel Professor Khlyustin

On April 17 the training and production ship of the Admiral Nevelskoy Maritime State University Professor Khlyustin returned from Shanghai to the home port of Vladivostok after restoring repair and renovation.

The University managed to keep the ship built in 1973 in good technical condition, which enabled after high-quality repairs to certify the class of Russian Registry of Shipping and to ensure the ship’s reliable operation for the next five years.

Since 2004, the ship is in the operational management of Nevelskoy MSU. At the initiative of the Maritime University and with the assistance of Rosmorrechflot, OJSC "SovComFlot" and the Russian Geographical Society, the Professor Khlyustin was repaired and renovated in Vladivostok and Shanghai Shipyard in 2012-2013.

Once repaired the Professor Khlyustin will become a base not only for shipboard training of cadets of the Maritime University, but also for research, education and production activities in the Far East and the Arctic region.

The vessel is aimed at training professionals to work in the Far East and the Arctic seas, freight transport to areas of the Russian East and North-East coast, and studies of the offshore areas of the Far East and the Arctic, and is intended for shipboard training of 100 cadets at a time under the guidance of teachers.

Scientists of the University and Russian Geographical Society will conduct joint research work on the updated Professor Khlyustin, including using submersibles for various purposes to explore the World Ocean.

Today Nevelskoy MSU is the only educational institution of the marine industry in Russia which has its own training fleet - the sailing training ship Nadezhda and the training vessel Professor Khlyustin.