Invitation to cooperate

Dear friends and coleagues,

Admiral Nevelskoy Maritime State University is open for cooperation with all the foreign educational institutions.

The geography of our partners is wide. We are cooperating with universities in 25 countries implementing a large number of joint programs and projects that aim to improve our university involvement in the international educational process.

Nevelskoy MSU is also collaborating with the various organizations, foundations and international centers, which allows us to expand opportunities for developing research and educational activities of the university.

The cooperation mechanism contributing to the effective implementation of all programs and projects has been established with many organizations and foundations.

In addition, many of our partners are international companies interested in training, retraining and advanced training of their marine personnel on the basis of our University.

In this regard, we invite all interested universities and organizations to cooperate in education, training marine personnel, doing research and carrying out other programs and projects.

Always glad to see you at our University!

Yuri G. Zhuravel,
Vice Rector for International Activities