24 august 2011 year
Tomorrow on board “Nadezhda”…

On August 25, 2011 the opening ceremony of the Maritime Russian Center of the "Russian World" Fund will be held, in which the presentation of the Pacific voyage of STS "Nadezhda" will take place for the diplomatic and press corps.

The Maritime State University and the Far Eastern Branch of the "Russian World" Fund open the first offshore permanent Center of the "Russian world" Fund on board the sailing training ship Nadezhda".

In the near future, the famous sailing ship leaves for the Pacific ports. This large-scale event timed to the APEC summit in Vladivostok was given an official status. One of the most important tasks of the voyage is to strengthen ties with compatriots living in the APR countries and to promote Russian culture and the language. With this purpose a permanent Center of the "Russian world" Fund is to be established on board.

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24 august 2011 year