15 october 2021 year
Evening run

On October 13, the evening race (trail running) competitions were held at ANMSU.

43 participants, including students and cadets of 1-3 years of the Maritime University, as well as students of the Maritime Engineering College gathered to run the Super Sprint distance.

Despite the difficult sections of the track, the cadets of the Maritime Engineering College performed with dignity and showed excellent results, along with the senior students.

1-3 year students ensured safety along the entire distance-route and fair refereeing of the competition.

Special thanks to photographers Alexei Ivanov, gr. 216.11 and Sergey Tsyplyuk, gr. 216.21 who made an excellent sports photo report.

The competition turned out to be spectacular and, perhaps, the most massive this season. The next race is scheduled for spring 2022.


Photos: Alexey Ivanov, Sergey Tsyplyuk

D.V. Baskleev, head of the sports club

15 october 2021 year