28 october 2021 year
Competition in futsal among men`s teams «Freshman – 2021»

From October 26 to October 28, ANMSU hosted a futsal competition among men`s teams «Freshman – 2021», organized by the Department of Theory, Methods and Practice of Physical Culture and Sports.

This spectacular event aimed at supporting amateur sports brought together 10 teams.

The competition turned out to be really interesting and exciting, gave a lot of positive emotions and good mood.

The chief judge of the competition Alexander Dubin noted the close-knit team game of the navigation cadets.

The fastest and most agile players of team # 1 of the Navigation Faculty won in a bitter and difficult struggle.

All players showed athletic endurance, determination, and tactical ingenuity.

Department of Theory, Methodology and Practice of Physical Culture and Sports

28 october 2021 year