8 november 2021 year
Orienteering competition

On November 6-7, orienteering competitions for the Team Cup of Vladivostok were held.

The ANMSU team took part in the doubles relay. Our athletes fought for sports awards in different age categories, where they showed good results.

At the end of the first day, among the girls, the winner was a team consisting of: Anastasia Tumanova (FEIT group 216.21) and Druzhinina Maria (LF group 228.21)

Among the youths, the 3rd place was taken by a team consisting of: Alexey Asabin (EEF gr. 03.21) and Aleksey Grishanin (NF gr. 02.23).

On the second day of the competition, our guys had to go through a difficult distance, where a team of girls consisting of Anastasia Tumanova and Maria Druzhinina were able to snatch the award from the strongest athletes of the region and eventually take third place.

O.V. Gashenko, coach of the sports club

8 november 2021 year