30 november 2021 year
ANMSU Announces Admission Rules For 2022

New admission rules that will apply to applicants in 2022, are posted on the official website of the University in the section Applicants.

According to the admissions office, there will be no significant changes in the admissions campaign for 2022; however, there are a number of innovations that the applicant needs to know about.

ANMSU recognizes the best applicants for budget-funded places with special scholarships that are paid during the first year of study in addition to academic ones.

Regardless of the epidemiological situation, you can apply for admission to ANMSU remotely. In addition, the applicant can submit documents in person at the admissions office.

If you have any questions, we invite you to the Open Days. Follow the news on the University website 


Center Entrant

30 november 2021 year