23 november 2021 year
Sons are the mainstay of the family

On November 22, as part of the popularization of family values, the ANMSU Marine Engineering College celebrated the Day of Sons.

Members of the parent committee of groups 511.11 and 502.11, 501.11 decided to congratulate their children on this day, who for the first time broke away from their parents for a long time. The parents organized a tea party for their children, which was a real surprise for everyone.

The homeroom teachers told about the history of the holiday and about how it is celebrated in other countries.

Sons` Day is an international holiday, which, like in Russia, is celebrated on November 22 in many countries of the world. Some states have developed their own dates and traditions for this celebration.

O.V. Nikitenko, Deputy Director for Educational and Social Work

23 november 2021 year