24 november 2021 year
Personal swimming competition «Freshman - 2021»

On November 19, 2021, personal swimming competition «Freshman-2021» was held at the ANMSU water training center.

 34 young men and six girls studying at the navigational, ship engineering faculties, the faculty of maritime transport management and economics and the Maritime Engineering College decided to compete for prizes swimming a distance of 50 m freestyle.

 Cadet Aleksey Ivanenko (group 01.14) became the winner among boys with a result of 24.40 seconds.

1st place among girls was taken by FMTME student Irina Melnichuk (group 207.11) with a result of 30.84 seconds.

Then the boys took the start at a distance of 50 m breaststroke.

Cadet Aleksey Ivanenko (group 01.14) won with a result of 30.24 seconds.

The competition was completed by girls at a distance of 50 m breaststroke: 1st place was taken by cadet Alexandra Gurieva (group 01.12) with a result of 45.48 seconds.

Good organization, an atmosphere of friendliness, comfort and professionalism was felt throughout the entire event!

Department of Theory, Methodology and Practice of Physical Culture and Sports

24 november 2021 year