7 september 2011 year
“Nadezhda” is expecting Russia’s Prime Minister’s visit

On September 8 Russian Prime Minister V. Putin is expected to visit the sailing training ship "Nadezhda". In this connection, a farewell ceremony of the sailboat to the Pacific voyage dedicated to the APEC Summit 2012 is transferred from 8th to 14th September.

The Pacific voyage was approved by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in September 2010 in Shanghai, and on July 7, 2011, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin signed a decree of the Russian Government, which gave it a high state status. In accordance with the RF Government decree, the voyage carried out under the auspices of the Ministry of Transport, Federal Agency for Sea and River Fleet and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia.

The Maritime State University is a responsible executor of the largest national project on the occasion of the APEC Summit 2012, the main goal of the voyage is promoting the state policy of development of comprehensive relations between Russia and Asia-Pacific region through representative, scientific, cultural, sporting and educational activities. It is symbolic that this honorable mission is entrusted to the sailing ship "Nadezhda", which is the first in the XXI century to have made a round the world voyage.

Pilot projects of the partner of the voyage JSC "Megaphone" will be carried out on board the "Nadezhda." They will create the possibility of a "virtual presence" on board on-line, will provide voice communication with the shore, and internet access, improve quality of education of cadets and increase opportunities for medical care of the crew and trainees. You can virtually participate in the campaign by visiting the site - http://parusnikdv.rf

The Legislative Assembly of Primorsky Krai and Primorsky Territory Administration, the Duma and the Administration of Vladivostok, the Russian Foreign Ministry, maritime community of Vladivostok, the U.S. Consul General in Vladivostok, Sylvia Reed Curran will take part in the farewell ceremony of the sailboat.

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7 september 2011 year