17 december 2021 year
Onboard life safety competitions are the most spectacular at the WorldSkills Russia standards championship

On December 16, the VII Open Regional Championship «Young Professionals» started according to WorldSkills Russia standards, one of its sites was the ANMSU Far Eastern Maritime Training Center.

The competition was attended by teams from five maritime educational institutions of Primorye: Maritime Engineering College of ANMSU; Vladivostok Maritime College; Vladivostok Marine Fisheries College of Dalrybvtuz; Far Eastern Nautical School of Dalrybvtuz (Nakhodka); Adm. S.O. Makarov TOVVMU.

The participants of the regional championship competed in professionalism: the contestants extinguished a fire on board, carried a person out of the smoke screen, eliminated holes, and completed the task of abandoning the ship.

 The event is held within the framework of the regional project «Young Professionals» of the national project «Education», designed to modernize professional education, including through the introduction of adaptive, practice-oriented and flexible educational programs.

ANMSU Press Center

17 december 2021 year