12 january 2022 year
A life dedicated to Antarctica

ANMSU received a letter from Odessa (Ukraine) from V.G. Knyazeva, Chairman of the public organization of labor veterans of PJSC «Antarctica». In it, she talks about the fact that the list of the veteran organization includes the name of Ivan Ermakov, who graduated from the ship engineering faculty, the Vladivostok Higher Marine Engineering School (VVIMU) in 1958.

Young specialist I.P. Ermakov began his career in Odessa as the third engineer of the whaling vessel Slava of the Antarctic Whaling Flotilla, and finished as the chief engineer of the Black Sea Production Association Antarctica.

The author of the letter is confident that the memory of outstanding graduates of the largest higher maritime university in the Far East should be preserved.

Today we are introducing Ivan Ermakov, a graduate of the distant 1958, based on materials from V.G. Knyazeva, and we hope that his classmates or friends will respond.

From 1952 to 1958, Ivan Ermakov was a cadet of the Vladivostok Higher Marine Engineering School. In 1958 he graduated and went to Odessa, where he rose from the third engineer to the chief engineer of whaling ships operating in Antarctica. Difficult working conditions in Antarctica, the courageous work of whalers highlighted his excellent human qualities: benevolence, respect for colleagues, combined with humor and resourcefulness, and also developed a high professional level.This is confirmed by the memoirs of his colleagues.

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12 january 2022 year