12 january 2022 year
Cadets completed their onboard training period perfectly

From January 11 to December 13, 2021, cadets of group 501.44 at the ANMSU Maritime Engineering College D.E. Veremchuk, Yu.V. Khortsev, A.M. Nikolaenko, D.A. Ivchenko and A.V. Ivchenko had their shipboard training period on the medium sea tanker Pechenga of the auxiliary fleet of the Pacific Fleet.

The cadets took part in two long-distance campaigns, performing tasks to ensure a presence in the operational-important areas of the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

During their practical training period, they studied the main features of the vessel, the characteristics of the main and auxiliary engines, deck equipment, the use of lifeboats and rafts, other means of rescue, labor protection issues, safety and fire safety requirements, measures to combat the ship's damage, general organization of the ship, as well as actions on ship alarms.

Based on the results of shipboard training period, the crew members formed the opinion that the future navigators are being educated and trained by highly qualified mentors.

O.V. Nikitenko, Deputy Director for Educational and Social Work

12 january 2022 year