12 january 2022 year
Tutoring for psychology students in an open digital environment

During the fall semester, the psychology students of the Maritime State University, Admiral G.I. Nevelskoy improved their digital skills and increased their ICT competence in the process of mastering the course «Computer methods in psychodiagnostics» under the guidance of the teacher of the Department of General and Professional Psychology Nonna Guremina.

As part of the lessons, a model of tutor support for students` activities in an open digital environment was presented and tested, in which each participant was able to track personal results using the course progress table.

The students tried themselves in various activities: they plunged into the basics of computer psychological diagnostics, got acquainted with the principles of work in the scientific eLibrary, and mastered the methods of building mind maps and built personality-resource maps. They tested their cognitive abilities using the Wikium online platform, played intellectual duels with each other, and successfully mastered Google services and even created their own websites.

The result of mastering the course was the development of a visiting mind map of the course and an educational reflection.

The course ended successfully, the students showed high educational results and received New Year`s gifts.

S.A. Danchenko, Head of the Department of General and Professional Psychology

12 january 2022 year