14 september 2011 year
Thanks to “Megaphone”…

The Nadezhda’s voyage to America is unique in many respects. The company "Megaphone” made a special contribution to the voyage.

This was announced on September 14th during the final press conference held on board the day before the departure for the voyage to the Pacific: Vladivostok - San Francisco - Honolulu - Yokohama - Vladivostok.

Participation in the project of "Megaphone" is primarily dictated by safety considerations. The company provides a unique opportunity throughout the voyage to have reliable communications: telephone, Internet, conducting online classes, tutorials and conferences, as well as the ability to see events in real time on a site: www.parusnikdv.ru - the location of the ship on the chart and images of cameras mounted on the main mast of the frigate.

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14 september 2011 year