30 august 2023 year
Promising technologies and developments presented at the VI All-Russian Robotics Competition EAST BREEZE in Vladivostok

On August 29, Deputy Commander of the Pacific Fleet S.G. Marnov opened the second day of the VI All-Russian Marine Robotics Competition EAST BREEZE in the presence of representatives of the High Command of the Navy, the Advanced Research Foundation of the Pacific Fleet Command and the Marine Scientific Committee at the experimental tank of the Far Eastern Maritime Training Center of ANMSU. Rector of ANMSU D.V. Burov addressed the participants of the Competition with a welcoming speech.
The competition of ROV teams type A will be held in the FEMTC pool for two days. They will have to solve complex but interesting tasks of searching, classifying, examining and delivering various objects to the designated area.
10 teams representing the Pacific, Northern and Baltic fleets, units of the Russian Ministry of Defense, the Russian Emergencies Ministry, the National Guard and other law enforcement agencies are taking part in the Competition. The teams of developers of marine robotic systems, including the Institute of Marine Technology Problems of the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, ANMSU, S.O. Makarov Pacific Naval College, LEADER Center of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia (Moscow), Research and Production Enterprise Aquarobotech (Korsakov) and others will also demonstrate their devices.
The Pacific Fleet holds these competitions for the sixth year. They are held on behalf of the Board of the Military-Industrial Commission of the Russian Federation. The organizers of the Competition are traditionally the National Center for the Development of Technologies and Basic Elements of Robotics of the Advanced Research Foundation, the High Command of the Navy, the Marine Scientific Committee and ANMSU.
The competitions allow their participants to share experience, demonstrate skills, abilities and exchange business contacts.

ANMSU Press Center

30 august 2023 year