21 september 2023 year
The mesmerizing light of lighthouses

On September 20, the personal exhibition «Three Lights» by artist Olga Nichipuruk opened on the second floor of the main building of ANMSU.

It is Olga`s second solo exhibition. It has a pronounced maritime flavor. Its main characters are lighthouses. The 11 years that Olga devoted to working as a designer at the Press Center of the Maritime University had an impact.

The free and completely informal opening of the exhibition was attended by University staff, children from the Morekhod Center and our guests from Khabarovsk.

The children were attracted, in addition to the paintings, by the living light of small souvenir beacons made of various materials. Their flickering light simply fascinated the youngest guests of the exhibition.

The exhibition «Three Lights» is the artist’s sincere desire to share with people the energy of the eternal light of stars, fireflies and lighthouses.

The works are presented in oil, acrylic and mixed media, graphics, in ink. Visitors to this unique exhibition will see the famous lighthouses of the Far East and the rest of the world in an artistic interpretation, and some paintings are collective images of lighthouses.

We invite everyone to visit the exhibition, which will run until October 17, 2023.

ANMSU Press Center

21 september 2023 year