26 september 2023 year
SEF alumni meet after 40 years

On September 9, 1983 graduates of the Faculty of Ship Engineering had a traditional gathering to meet with their teachers, visit the University, museum and a new training center, see their former classmates and celebrate the 40th anniversary of graduation.

42 graduates out of 139 who had received diplomas gathered for the meeting. Everyone recalled cadet life with pleasure, and with gratitude to their teachers. After the traditional photography in front of the main building and on the “staircase that gave a start to life,” they visited the museum, where museum director Marina Kameneva introduced them to new exhibits and expositions.

After the excursion, they met with their teachers, where SEF Dean B.N. Vorobyov, also their former classmate, spoke about the modern life of the University.

In their response, graduates S. Chikurov and Yu. Senkin thanked for the knowledge acquired at the University, for the «school of life» that they completed over 5 years within the walls of the University.

The official part of the meeting ended with an excursion to the Far Eastern Maritime Training Center, where they were met and introduced to its capabilities by instructor-teacher S.V. Pastukhov. He told how ship engineer cadets are currently being trained at the University and demonstrated the operation of engine room simulators.

ANMSU Press Center

26 september 2023 year