27 september 2023 year
The traditional 66th Rowing and Sailing Regatta started

On September 26, the 66th ANMSU Rowing and Sailing Regatta, which bears the name of E.I. Zhukov, an outstanding teacher and devotee of sailing, was solemnly opened.

The opening ceremony of the Regatta took place on the territory of the Rowing and Sailing Training Complex of the Maritime University. Strict ranks of cadets, colorful flags swaying in the wind, solemn music performed by the musical platoon and the anticipation of the excitement of the competition gripped the large audience. The right to raise the State Flag of the Russian Federation and the Regatta flag was entrusted to the yawl foremen. Then the participants and spectators were addressed with welcoming words and congratulated the participants and guests on the opening of the 66th rowing and sailing regatta by Vice-Rector for Convention Training Sergei Glushkov, Chairman of the Trade Union Committee of Vladivostok Sailors of the Russian Union of Sailors, President of the Far Eastern Association of Sea Captains Pyotr Osichansky,and the oldest yacht captains Leonid Lysenko and Vladimir Gamanov.

In addition to the traditional participants - teams representing the faculties of navigation and communications and of ship power engineering, teams of the Maritime Engineering College and regular participants in the competition - the team of the Young Sailors Club "Scarlet Sails" from Komsomolsk-on-Amur, are participating in the competition.

This year the Rowing and Sailing Regatta is taking place from September 25 to 29, and will consist of four official qualifying disciplines: rowing, sailing, rowing-sailing and cruising races.

The first regatta took place in 1956. One of its enthusiasts was E.I. Zhukov. Dedicating his life to maritime education, he trained several generations of cadets as a sailing enthusiast and as a professor in the department of ship control. In honor of the outstanding teacher and devotee of sailing, a challenge cup was established, which is awarded to the winners of the Regatta in the individual and team championship.

We express our gratitude to the sponsors of the Rowing and Sailing Regatta for their active support of the sporting events of the Maritime University and the provision of water for the participants of the competition and pies for the winners : to Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Alexander Shcherbakov, and Chairman of the Vladivostok Trade Union Committee of the Russian Seamen's Trade Union, President of the Far Eastern Association of Sea Captains Pyotr Osichansky, with whose participation the uniform for the Regatta participants was purchased.

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27 september 2023 year