27 september 2023 year
The team of the Navigation Faculty win the rowing race

On September 26, the 66th rowing and sailing regatta of ANMSU, which bears the name of E.I. Zhukov, an outstanding teacher and devotee of sailing, started. On the opening day of the competition, the first race took place - a rowing race, in which all the declared yawls started

The beautiful weather favored the athletes and allowed them to show off all their acquired skills and the ability to work well as a team. The first day of competition showed that experience is not the last thing, and the best result was shown by a team of senior navigating cadets. Moreover, at the end of the race, the guys promptly came to the aid of the team of the Morekhod Center, which included several girls, and it was clearly not strong enough to pull the heavy yawl ashore after completing the race. The cadets showed the young sailors in practice what mutual assistance and seamanship are! Well done, navigators!

This year, the children's team from the Morekhod Center of the Maritime University started out of the standings. The debutants demonstrated persistence in completing the distance and the team was not last to reach the finish line.

D.V. Baskleyev

27 september 2023 year