28 september 2023 year
About the state of Bohai and its fleet

On September 27, the Chairman of the Marine Section of the Primorsky Branch of the Russian Geographical Society - Society for the Study of the Amur Region, sea captain Gennady Voronin held a meeting of the ANMSU Geographical Club.

From his speech accompanied by a slide show 2nd year cadets of the Faculty of Navigation and Communications and University staff learned about Bohai,the oldest state in the Russian Far East, which existed from the 7th to the 9th centuries AD on the territory of modern Primorsky Krai.

Those present learned about the history of establishing this kingdom, became acquainted with the system of its management and development, about many, in modern terms, advanced methods of government, which appeared in more developed Western countries only almost a millennium later. For example, there was a compulsory education system for young people and much more.

Gennady Voronin spoke in detail and showed on the screen the original design of Bohai sailing ships, and the director of the University Museum, Marina Kameneva, demonstrated a model of such a ship. 

The slide show demonstrated many artifacts discovered during archaeological excavations in the Primorsky Territory, where shipyards were also found. These artifacts from excavations, which are carried out annually in collaboration with scientists from other countries, are currently stored in the V.K. Arsenyev State United Museum-Reserve of the History of the Far East.

After the conversation, the cadets went up to the 3rd floor, where Gennady Voronin continued the story about sailing ships, models of which were on display in the lobby. Some of them found a second life thanks to the skillful restoration by Gennady Voronin.

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28 september 2023 year