29 september 2023 year
The winners of the combined race announced

On September 28, the combined race of the 66th ANMSU Rowing and Sailing Regatta was held in excellent weather in the waters of the Amur Bay.

The feature of the combined race is that at one distance athletes are required to change the method of moving the yawl twice. From the start the guys row exactly half a nautical mile, then, crossing the mark, at the judge’s signal, the crews are required to change the oars to the sail. The mast is installed right on the water, the sails are set, and the yawls are to cover the next part of the distance under sails. After rounding the third sign, the crews again change their method of movement and finish with the help of oars.

During the race, the leaders changed several times, and it was unclear who would be first. The schoolchildren from Komsomolsk-on-Amur were able to complete the distance without criticism and became the best.

According to the results of three racing days, yawl No. 42 of the club of young sailors «Scarlet Sails», Komsomolsk-on-Amur (foreman G.M. Nasonov) is the leader in the individual competition, second place yawl No. 11 navigation cadets (foreman T.E. Zhigalov) is the second and yawl No. 52 of the Maritime Engineering College (Foreman Ya.G. Mangutov) is the third.

In the overall team competition, based on the results of three disciplines, the first place is taken by the team of navigation cadets - yawls No. 11 and 12; yachtsmen of the Maritime Engineering College - yawls No. 51 and 52 are in the second place; ship engineer cadets - yawls No. 21 and 22 are in the third place.

D.V. Baskleyev

29 september 2023 year