29 september 2023 year
Participation in the International Exhibition and Conference NEVA-2023 develops potential in scientific and innovative activities

From September 18 to 21, 2023, the International Exhibition and Conference on civil shipbuilding, shipping, port activities, and ocean and shelf development NEVA-2023, one of the world's largest industry events, was held in St. Petersburg.

A delegation of the Faculty of Navigation and Communications of ANMSU consisting of Acting Dean Denis Akmaikin, Associate Professor Victoria Bocharova and Associate Professor Ruslan Tsarik attended the exhibitions and events of NEVA-2023.

NEVA-2023 takes place every second year and traditionally attracts a huge number of participants from Russia and other countries of the world. This year, more than 700 exhibitors and over 30,000 registered participants took part in the large-scale event.

The purpose of participation was to get acquainted with the latest developments and technologies in the field of shipping, the creation of marine technical means and technological developments for navigation, including in the Arctic zone and the Northern Sea Route, as well as in the exchange of experience in updating and developing new educational programs taking into account scientific achievements and the development of scientific and technological solutions in the field of shipping, discussing possible areas of cooperation and implementing practical training for ANMSU cadets as part of the implementation of the strategic academic leadership program «Priority 2030».

The result of attending such a large-scale event leaves no doubt about the need for further development of the potential of ANMSU, taking into account modern requirements, both in terms of training personnel for the maritime industry, and in the more active participation of the University staff and students in scientific and innovative activities in all key industry areas.

ANMSU Press Center

29 september 2023 year