2 october 2023 year
Ceremonial initiation of freshmen into cadets

On September 30, the annual traditional cadet initiation ceremony was held at the ANMSU. First-year cadets began studying marine sciences in the year celebrating the 133rd anniversary of the founding of ANMSU.
Today`s cadets will have to make a breakthrough with the help of state-of-the-art simulators simulating real sailing conditions, experienced teachers and commanders who will be able not only to teach, but also to develop strong character; they will need to replace the older generation of sailors on the captain`s bridge and in the engine room of the most high-tech ships.
The high day began with a traditional meeting of members of the rector's office, deans and officers with parents in the assembly hall of FEMTC. And then the celebration continued on the parade ground, where cadet companies lined up. After the University Banner was brought in, Rector Denis Burov congratulated future navigators, ship engineers and electric engineers on this significant day in their lives. Alexander Shcherbakov, Deputy of the State Duma, and other high guests addressed future sailors of the Russian fleet with warm greetings.
The pop brass band under the direction of Anatoly Yakimenko demonstrated a musical defile, after which a ceremonial parade of cadet companies took place.
And finally, the newly minted cadets were given cadet tickets. From that moment on, they became full members of the large cadet fraternity of the Maritime University.

ANMSU Press Center

2 october 2023 year