2 october 2023 year
Congratulations on the SVE Day!

The Decade of Secondary Vocational Education (SVE) has started in Primorye, timed to coincide with SVE Day, which is celebrated in Russia on October 2. Currently, specialists with secondary vocational education are in great demand in the labor market. On this day, college students and their parents thank teachers and vocational training specialists for their dedicated work.
During the Decade, the region will host a photo exhibition “SVE in Faces” - a project about graduates who have achieved professional success. The Arsenyev Museum in Vladivostok will host a historical exhibition of the SVE development in Primorye “From Past to Present”.
The ANMSU Maritime Engineering College occupies a worthy place among 60 vocational education institutions and is very popular among applicants in Primorye. The College is the winner of the competition of the Federal Project “Professionality” of the state program of the Russian Federation “Development of Education”.

ANMSU Press Center

2 october 2023 year