3 october 2023 year
Young people enjoy the funny theatrical comedy

On October 1, 2023, 3rd and 5th year cadets of the Faculty of Marine Energy and 2nd year students of the Faculty of Management, Logistics and Law of ANMSU, consisting of 25 people, attended a performance at the M. Gorky Primorsky Academic Regional Drama Theater under the guidance of senior teacher of the Department of Language Training Ya.O. Chubchenko.

It was the most famous play by Claude Magnier «Oscar, a misunderstanding in three acts».

One stormy day, chaos erupts in the home of wealthy soap magnate Bertrand Barnier. All the characters are in love with «the wrong person». Three suitcases appear: one contains jewelry, another contains millions of cash, and the third is still a secret. The loss of a suitcase with diamonds, confusion in daughters, pregnancies, fiancés and wives drive Bertrand Barnier to a nervous breakdown.

And what does the modest driver Oscar have to do with it? He will appear so that everyone will finally fall in love with each other. This is the law of a sparkling sitcom.

Ya.O. Chubchenko

3 october 2023 year