3 october 2023 year
Cadets and students complete the «Conquerors of the Oceans» quest together

Cadets and students of the Maritime Engineering College took part in the event prepared by the social partners of the Russian Crab Group of Companies.

About100 students from different educational institutions of Vladivostok: ANMSU, Dalrybvtuz, Maritime Engineering College of the Maritime University, Vladivostok Maritime Fishery College and Vladivostok Nautical College met on the walking quest «Conquerors of the Oceans».  Andrei Klepach, executive director of the Russian Crab Group of Companies, spoke to the quest participants: «We are very happy to unite you together, because in the future you will all become specialists, one way or another connected with the sea, and it is possible that one day you will meet as colleagues. The whole game is imbued with a marine theme and will be an excellent addition to theoretical and practical classes in your educational institutions».

The quest began at the main office of the Russian Crab Group of Companies. Having received the tasks, the guys actively and harmoniously began to solve and carry them out. The tasks were related to the future professions of the participants, to their professional competencies: they solved a code using Morse code, quickly tied sea knots, and looked for a location using a compass.

The teams successfully completed seven tasks at different points in the center of Vladivostok. Members of the College teaching staff present at the event actively supported the guys and noted that our guys know how to adapt to any conditions, nothing scares them, they easily cope with difficulties, solve the tasks set and know how to work in a team, and this is necessary in their future professions.

The fastest participants who correctly completed and solved all the tasks received medals and memorable gifts prepared by the event organizers.

The management of the Maritime Engineering College expresses gratitude to the Russian Crab Group of Companies for organizing the quest «Conquerors of the Oceans», for their responsiveness and joint work with cadets and students

O.V. Nikitenko

3 october 2023 year