9 october 2023 year
The School participants complete training in case of environmental emergencies

From October 2 to October 6, 2023, the scientific and educational School of Young Scientists «Systematic approach to reducing the risks of environmental emergencies» was held at the ANMSU.

The School of Young Scientists is a project aimed at professional growth and acquiring professional competencies in the field of reducing the risks of environmental emergencies.

The program included open lectures, trainings, presentations, a round table, a strategic session and participation in the international campaign ICC (International Coast Clean-up) using international methods under the guidance of the University experts. The participants gave reports and lectures.

The target audience was young researchers, graduate and undergraduate students of scientific and educational institutions, working on topics related to the main areas of research of the School. The students of the School represented Buryatia, Sakhalin Region, Khabarovsk Region, Moscow and Primorsky Region.

The following topics were considered: the problems of eliminating oil spills on land, rivers and seas; organization of oil spill response; the impact of infectious pathology on the ecology of the Lake Baikal region; features of environmental emergencies, emergency risks and their management, emergency preparedness system - as a method of risk management; problems of environmental safety of the Sakhalin region: analysis and prospects; modeling and information support of the preparedness system using the example of emergency situations; environmental lecture «Technologies for eliminating oil spills on water bodies»; familiarization with offshore oil spill response technologies; workshop on the use of various sorbents.

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9 october 2023 year