10 october 2023 year
Alumni meeting 55 years after graduation from DVVIMU

55 years ago, on October 18, 1968, the Order of the Head of the Adm. G.I. Nevelskoy Far Eastern Higher Marine Engineering School, on presenting diplomas to graduates of the Faculty of Ship Engineering. In total, according to the Order, 135 ship engineers and ship repairers left DVVIMU, as our University was called at that time.

Fate decreed the life path of the graduates differently. Some went to various shipping companies and ship repair enterprises in the Far East, others to graduate school or departments and structures of the School. There was a place for everyone.

And so, on Saturday, October 7 of this year, once again former graduates gathered in the Alma Mater to celebrate the anniversary date - 55 years since graduation.

There are not so many of us left in relation to the total number of graduates. The most persistent 16 arrived. Among them, V. Egorov and V. Tkachenko, who flew in from Moscow specially for the anniversary. Valera Chikorenko sent a poetic congratulation from M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University. Alexander Vashchenko sent congratulations over a loudspeaker mobile phone from Kamchatka. There were other phone calls from those who were unable to attend the anniversary celebration.

Everything, as they say, went smoothly. Gathering at the main entrance, taking photographs, a visit to the University Museum, and then to a cafe on the campus. There were no dissatisfied people, but there was one wish: to gather everyone for the 60th anniversary of graduation.

V.F. Gamanov

10 october 2023 year