11 october 2023 year
Car modelers of Primorye identify the strongest radio-controlled models in the class

On Sunday, October 8, the Final of the Car Model Sport Championship of the Primorsky Territory took place in the class of radio-controlled models of road classes. The competition was organized by the Primorsky Krai Car Model Sport Federation and was held with the support of ANMSU.

A special track for competitions of radio-controlled models of road-circuit classes was organized on the ANMSU parade ground:

TS-10 model of a passenger car on a scale of 1:10;

Euro Truck model of a racing truck tractor in scale 1:10:

RCE-10 model of a FORMULA-1 racing car on a scale of 1:10:

15 participants from Vladivostok and Ussuriysk demonstrated their skills in remote control of a scale model of a car. In each race, lasting five minutes, the participants' models had to complete the largest number of laps. Whoever was able to more accurately control his model at high speed and not lose time when colliding with fences and other models showed the best result.

Three qualifying races determined the starting grid positions for the final races. Based on the lowest total of places in the three final races, the winners of the second stage of the Championship and the Primorsky Territory Championship were determined. The winners were awarded certificates, medals and cups.

By adding the results shown by the participants in the first stage, held on May 21 at the same place, with the results of the second stage, the winners and prize-winners of the entire 2023 season were identified.

The next competition is to take place in May 2024.

In conclusion, Mikhail Kholosha, assistant to the rector for scientific work, thanked the participants for the vivid emotions and drew attention to the decent level of technical equipment of the track, the place where the athletes prepared for the performance.

The organizers express their deep gratitude to the volunteers for their coordinated work, without them the event would not have been so impressive!

E.V. Radchenko

11 october 2023 year