12 october 2023 year
Sports festival for freshmen

The ANMSU Maritime Engineering College hosted a sports competition among cadets and students for the Freshman Prize.

Each first-year group took part in the traditional mass sports event. The athletes competed in the 1000-meter run, standing long jump, gymnastic exercises on the high bar, and tug-of-war at the Maritime University stadium.

In total, 120 cadets and students took part in the event, 12 participating teams were announced. During the bitter struggle, the following teams became the leaders of the competition based on the sum of all tests:

I place – team of cadets of group 503.11

II place – team of students of group 511.12

III place – team of cadets of group 501.12

In each type of competition, winners were determined.

The most spectacular and unpredictable test is tug of war. Winners were those who managed to unite and showed the will to win.

The girls of the technology department competed in standing long jump, skipping (individual and team jumping rope), lifting the body from a supine position, waist hoop, tug of war.

The competition was organized and conducted by physical education teachers of the ANMSU Maritime Engineering College.

A.V. Kozlova

12 october 2023 year