13 october 2023 year
Cadets meet with schoolchildren of graduating classes

In October, the Department of Language Training of ANMSU held meetings of FSE cadets under the guidance of senior teacher Yana Chubchenko with 11th grade students from schools No. 14 and No. 63 in Vladivostok in order to attract them to study at the Maritime University.

To conduct a meeting with schoolchildren, a presentation was prepared telling about the features of studying at the Maritime University, as well as about various events held at the University.

All the students received not only answers to their questions, but also leaflets with a list of the University faculties and admission requirements.

For their active participation in the event, gratitude was expressed to cadets Danil Merzlikin and Kirill Fomin (02.31) who spoke at School No. 63 on October 10, as well as to cadets Nikita Dogailov and Alexander Patrin (02.51 gr.), who spoke at School No.14 on October 12.

Y.O Chubchenko

13 october 2023 year