30 november 2023 year
A seminar on network analysis and visualization of educational data

On November 24, a seminar from the series «Artificial Intelligence Technologies and Big Data Analysis Methods» was held at the ANMSU Department of Automatic and Information Systems.

Associate Professor Natalya Levchenko and Associate Professor Nelly Sedova were the organizers of the series.

Last year`s graduate Dmitry Ternovoy spoke about the Gephi software package, which is used for network analysis and data visualization based on graph theory, demonstrated some of the capabilities of the Gephi software package using a specific example taken from educational activities, and showed the advantages of the graph-analytical research method, especially when searching for hidden and unobvious connections between the elements being studied.

Dmitry's report aroused great interest from the audience. A number of questions raised require additional study, so it was decided to hold the next seminar in the series “Artificial Intelligence Technologies and Big Data Analysis Methods” in the spring of 2024 on the results of using the Gephi software package.

Department of AIS

30 november 2023 year