1 december 2023 year
The captain speaks about social and labor relations in the crew

The staff of the Department of Maritime Law teaches classes on the subject «Management of social and labor relations in ship crews» at the ANMSU Faculty of Navigation and Communications and the Faculty of Ship Energy.

To «revitalize» the educational process, the president of the Far Eastern Association of Sea Captains, chairman of the primary trade union organization of seamen in Vladivostok, Pyotr Osichansky, was invited to the classes. His story about the MLC, 2006 Convention, which sets out the labor rights of seafarers, was supported by practical examples from the eminent captain’s rich experience.

The cadets learned about the interest of shipping companies in participating in the signing of international conventions. Pyotr Osichansky also spoke about the background and prerequisites for the establishment of the International Labor Organization, about the maximum period for a seafarer to stay on a voyage, about the vital need for seafarers to comply with safety rules and much more.

E.V. Burtseva

1 december 2023 year