4 december 2023 year
Why do cadets need membership in the Russian Seafarers` Union?

This question was addressed to the 2nd year cadets of the Faculty of Navigation and Communications by the Chairman of the Primary Trade Union Organization of Seamen in Vladivostok (RSU) Pyotr Osichansky.

Most seafarers around the world know that before setting off on a voyage, they must become members of a trade union. This can help avoid many hassles at sea regarding payment of wages, timely repatriation and much more. All this also applies to future maritime specialists. Cadets should know where to go if their rights are violated. That is why ANMSU has a shop trade union organization, which today numbers almost 50 people.

Cadets who have received a membership card automatically fall under the protection of the trade union, and in addition have the opportunity to take advantage of discounts from RSU partners - 50 partner enterprises, including tour operators, mobile operators, insurance companies, hotels, sanatoriums, holiday homes, car dealers, enterprises rendering household services, fitness clubs, medical institutions, online stores, etc.

Pyotr Osichansky presented RSU badges to the cadets who joined the seafarers` trade union in the current academic year, and informed the guys that they can compete for a scholarship from the primary trade union organization of Vladivostok seamen of RSU for 2024.

A.B. Golenishcheva

4 december 2023 year