4 december 2023 year
Seminar «Artificial Intelligence Technologies and Big Data Analysis Methods»

As part of a series of seminars on the topic «Artificial Intelligence Technologies and Big Data Analysis Methods» at the Department of Automation and Information Technology of ANMSU, another seminar was held, at which the report of a fourth-year student in the field of study «Informatics and Computer Science» of the Faculty of Engineering and Digital Technologies Vsevolod Potapenko was heard and discussed.

Vsevolod presented the basic principles of organizing neural networks and formulated an algorithm for working with a neural network with fully connected layers using the example of creating a neural network for recognizing handwritten numbers and demonstrated the results of using the Colaboratory platform, which is an accessible solution for students and data processing specialists in the field of artificial intelligence. He also voiced the prospects for using neural networks for image recognition.

Seminars are an excellent platform for communication and discussion of issues related to the use of artificial intelligence technologies, sharing experience, acquired skills, search and formulation of all kinds of solutions to complex problems.

Department of AIS

4 december 2023 year