4 december 2023 year
Igor Skikevich - an example of fortitude for the cadets

November 30, 2023, a motivational meeting of 1st year navigator cadets with a famous paratraveler, twice laureate of the Russian Traveler national award, three-time Russian record holder in sports paratourism, chairman of the commission for the development of paratourism of the Primorsky regional branch of the Russian Geographical Society - Society for the Study of the Amur Region, artist Igor Skikevich took place at a meeting of the ANMSU Geographical Club.

Igor Skikevich travels around the country as a wheelchair user. He speaks in educational institutions, orphanages, boarding schools, seeing his mission as motivating young people to take an active position in life, instilling in a person the belief that he can change their life for the better in any difficult situations. Having become disabled at the age of 42, he managed to overcome his illness through hard training and returned to an active life.

Igor managed to do what he had not done when he had been healthy: he learned to play keyboard instruments, draw, dive in a wheelchair he specially designed, row a kayak, and even climb a steep wall in a wheelchair.

Igor Skikevich said how strong self-confidence helps overcome stereotypes and obstacles. His parting words were: «Time is the most valuable thing a person has. Appreciate it, don`t waste it. Use every day and spend your time profitably - it is priceless, you can`t get it back».

The example of Igor Skikevich awakens in young people the will to win, fortitude, courage and perseverance in achieving goals.

M.R. Kameneva

4 december 2023 year