5 december 2023 year
Forum-exhibition in Novosibirsk: modern educational space

From November 30 to December 2, ANMSU representatives took part in the forum-exhibition «Educational Siberia» at the Novosibirsk Expo Center.

The theme of the exhibition was career guidance. Applicants and their parents were able to obtain information about the services and educational programs of Russian educational institutions of higher and secondary professional education.

Over three days, about 8,700 people visited the exhibition.

The main purpose of the Maritime University`s participation in the exhibition was the opportunity to introduce schoolchildren and visitors to this Siberian region to educational programs, conditions for admission and study at our maritime educational institution in Vladivostok, and to attract talented and motivated applicants.

There was a very pleasant, friendly atmosphere at the «Educational Siberia» exhibition. Everything was professionally prepared for the exhibition participants. Communication with representatives of other higher education institutions provided an opportunity to establish business contacts, get fresh ideas, and share each other`s achievements.

L.A. Stankevich

5 december 2023 year