6 december 2023 year
Descendants preserve the Russian flag raised by Nevelskoy on the Far Eastern borders of Russia

On December 5, a rally was held at the monument to Gennady Nevelsky on the central street of Vladivostok in honor of the 210th anniversary of the admiral`s birth.

Cadets of the ANMSU Maritime Engineering College, crew members of the ship Admiral Nevelskoy, foremen of the Vladivostok Maritime Assembly, members and leadership of the Primorsky branch of the Russian Geographical Society - Society for the Study of the Amur Region, veterans of the Pacific Fleet and ANMSU graduates of past years, members of the Young Army and students of the flotilla of young sailors «Vostok».

Opening the meeting, Vice Admiral, Foreman of the Vladivostok Maritime Assembly Alexander Konev said: «On this beautiful sunny day we remember the pioneers of the Far East: the outstanding navigator Gennady Nevelskoy and his patron, Governor-General of Eastern Siberia Nikolai Muravyov-Amursky. These two people met at the right time and in the right place, and the wheel of history turned in our direction. We commemorate the courage and heroism of these pioneering seafarers».

To the sounds of the orchestra, flowers were laid at the monument to the famous admiral in honor of the 210th anniversary of his birth.

M.R. Kameneva

6 december 2023 year