28 may 2024 year
The fourth Aqua Techno Show Festival-2024

On May 25, the Primorsky Interregional festival of ship modeling sports and technical types of creativity AQUA TECHNO SHOW-2024 was held dedicated to the memory of V.A. Subbotin (Vladivostok). 

The lakes of the Minny Gorodok Park became the venue for the ship modeling competition. Ship modelers launched radio–controlled models on the lower lake, high-speed cord, on the middle one. 

This time the athletes showed good results. The performance of Alexander Nikiforov in class B1, whose model accelerated to 258.77 km/h, was amazing! This was the first competition of the young ship modeler!

In the B1-E class, with a model speed of 188 km / h, Danil Lozhkin won, who came to the ship modeling sport as a co-organizer of the competition, and became its participant. Mikhail Kholosha (class B 1, speed 237.69 km/h) and Dmitry Slobodyanyuk (class B1-E, speed 181.60 km/h) showed decent results.

Sergey Gulyaev, the senior judge of the starts of radio-controlled models, noted that every year brings something new and interesting to the competition: new participants come, and the overall level of organization increases.

Mikhail Kholosha, Chairman of the Board of the Primorsky Regional Branch of the Russian Ship Modeling Federation, noted: «This year is very important for us and all Russian modelers. For the first time in the history of ship modeling, the Eurasian Championship will be held in Vladivostok!

Therefore, the past competition was important for us to prepare athletes for the international competition, as well as the lakes of the Minny Gorodok Park, which, according to the estimates of the International and Russian Ship Modeling Federations, meet the highest standards and can be used for World Championships».

The second venue of the festival was the University parade ground, where the Car Modeling Championship of the Primorsky Territory in the class of road radio-controlled models took place.

Traditionally, athletes from Ussuriysk and Vladivostok took part in the competition, including members of the ANMSU car model club and FEFU students.

Athletes in the age categories from 12 to 40 years old performed in the following model classes: TC-10, Euro Truck, F-1.

Yevgeny Radchenko, Chairman of the Primorsky Territory Automobile Sports Federation, said: «For the second year there has been a significant increase in the number of participants. Interest in car modeling is growing. And the great merit in this is due to the leadership of the Maritime University and partners who support the development of engineering in Vladivostok and in the Primorsky Territory».


A.I. Lozhkina

28 may 2024 year