11 june 2024 year
Happy Russia Day!

On June 12, we celebrate an important public holiday – Russia Day! This is a landmark day for every citizen and patriot of our Motherland!

This holiday marks the proclamation of the country's state sovereignty, as well as the start of a completely new stage in Russian history, which the state entered as the Russian Federation.

Throughout its long history, Russia has been a great and powerful country, fighting for equality and independence. The future of Russia depends on the youth, who will have to strengthen its power, independence and authority in the modern world.

We wish our Motherland stability, growth in all spheres and industries, inviolable sovereignty, prosperity and peace! May the multinational people of our Great Power prosper, cherish the high traditions of solidarity and mutual assistance inherited from past generations!

Rector D.V. Burov

11 june 2024 year